Our Story

Lifestyle is the word that defines Outsider. As we expand this brand, we only want to enter markets true to our lifestyles. It goes without saying that making our own cigar was a no-brainer.

Many of our early talks and brainstorming sessions about this company were on the patio smoking a cigar or drinking a beer. It was part of my story in the NFL and it’s part of this new venture at Outsider. It’s time to own that.

Partnering with Hendrik Kelner Jr. was the only way to do it: Premium ingredients made by a family dedicated to their craft.

Going down to the Dominican and working with him to create this blend and watch the process in action was amazing.

The Kelner Boutique Factory

Hendrick Kelner, Jr. grew up working in the tobacco fields with and learning from his father, Davidoff’s master blender ever since they left Cuba. Spending day in and day out in the fields, tobacco became his life. He now has left his father’s side to start his own business, Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF), which creates his own private blends.

“Jay was very cool and easy to work with, he knew what he wanted, he knew what the cigar should be like, and we just made it happen; We tasted a few different blends and just chose the right one. Blending is an interesting process that could take forever, but when the client is certain, the factory has the right tobaccos, and the know-how of blending all comes together, magic can happen rather quickly.”

- Hendrick Kelner, Jr.